DFO management of the fisheries had the largest increase in potential threats to commercial fishery. (Coalition of Atlantic and Quebec Fishing Organizations/UFCA/Nanos)


The biggest increase in potential threats is the management by DFO of the fisheries which saw a nine-percentage point increase. Indigenous Peoples fishing out of season seen as the overall top threat by members.

Nanos was retained by the Coalition of Atlantic and Quebec Fishing Organizations to gauge the views of the commercial fishing organizations across Atlantic Canada and Quebec. This research aims to understand the potential threats, the confidence level in the sustainability of the fishery, the level of trust in the Government of Canada and the level of satisfaction with the current MP to represent the needs of fishermen, while also gathering opinions on the top priorities, the best approach and advice for the government.

Nanos conducted an online representative survey of 1,113 members of commercial fishing organizations in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, between December 21st, 2023, to February 11th, 2024.

The research was commissioned by the Coalition of Atlantic and Quebec Fishing Organizations and was conducted by Nanos Research.

To read the full report, click here.

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