How ‘service with a smile’ could be driving stressed-out workers to drink and the No. 1 kitchen knife that professional chefs say is their ultimate go-to


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Personal Finance
Here’s one more box to check when hiring a financial adviser

Your investment portfolio isn’t the only thing an adviser has to manage.

The No. 1 kitchen knife that professional chefs say is their ultimate go-to

Pro cooks reveal the best kitchen knife brands.

I’m worth $1.8 million — and want my girlfriend to waive her community property rights before we marry

‘How do I explain to someone that I care about the money that I’ve sweated so hard over for almost two decades?’

How ‘service with a smile’ could be driving stressed-out workers to drink

Employees who tend to amplify, suppress or fake emotions are more likely to be heavy drinkers, a new study finds.

The No. 1 thing people with fat savings accounts scrimp on that you likely don’t

People who save 20% or more of their incomes do things differently, new research shows.

Lyft and Uber lure people with low fares, but how long will cheap ride-sharing last?

Ride-sharing may not be such a cheap alternative to car ownership when Uber and Lyft have to turn a profit as public companies.

My boyfriend and I have two kids — should I pay off his $130,000 student debt?

This woman says her partner of 10 years earns less than $25,000 a year and racked up six-figure debts.

Some tickets to ‘Avengers: Endgame’ are selling for $500 online

There’s a lucrative secondary market for tickets to Disney’s epic franchise.

When you should say ‘no’ to charities (even if you have lots of money)

Phil Buchanan, author of ‘Giving Done Right,’ offers advice on how to give wisely.

Fewer than 25% of college graduates can answer 4 simple money questions correctly

And that doesn’t bode well for their ability to manage their finances after graduation.

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North Korea reportedly billed U.S. $2 million for Otto Warmbier’s care

North Korea reportedly billed the U.S. for the hospital care of the American student, who died shortly after being returned to his family in June 2017.

Trump’s smear of Mueller report is a ‘country over party’ moment for Republicans

Prominent Republicans, especially those no longer in office, must defend American democracy, writes Chris Edelson.

Trump Today: President mocks Biden as he launches campaign and denies telling McGahn to fire Mueller

Trump tweeted that ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden was entering a ‘nasty’ primary race.

As Biden announces candidacy, these are the Democrats who are running for president

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he’s running for president, jumping into a crowded field of Democrats aiming to take on President Trump in the 2020 election.

Why do Americans pay more for drugs?

Pharmaceutical companies pay players throughout the health-care system to favor their more expensive drugs over lower-priced alternatives.

Here’s how to check the animal-friendliness of your investments

It’s easy to check which individual stocks are ‘cruelty-free,’ but you can’t yet invest in a vegan investment index.

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