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Disney Plus grew to 86.8 million subscribers a little over a year after its launch in November 2019, Disney said. That’s an additional 13 million subscribers added in just a couple of months since late September, likely spurred by new rollouts in Latin America. 

By comparison, Netflix, the biggest subscription video service in the world, expects to cross 200 million global subscribers by the end of the year. 

Disney revealed the news Thursday during an investor presentation expected to detail Disney’s overall streaming strategy for the next year and beyond, as well as unveil how the company’s big slate of movies will be released while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep film fans out of cinema seats. The event was expected to explain plans and goals for Disney PlusHulu and ESPN Plus, as well as international streaming services Star and Disney Plus Hotstar. 

The event is also expected to reveal Disney’s new projections for Disney Plus’ subscriber growth later in the presentation. Overall, the popularity of Disney Plus has far outstripped Disney‘s own initial predictions: The company first projected Disney Plus would reach between 60 million and 90 million subscribers about five years after launch. In one year, Disney Plus was in spitting distance of exceeding the top end of that range.  

Disney also noted that Hulu has grown to 38.8 million subscribers as of Dec. 2, up 2.2 million since late September. And ESPN Plus hit 11.5 million, growth of 1.2 million members in about two months. 

CNET’s full coverage includes all the news from Disney’s event.

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